Friday, July 6, 2012

Fennec Fox

Oh my goodness! The fennec fox is so unbelievably cute!  These are WILD ANIMALS, but some people seem to think they are suitable as pets because they are related to dogs and can adapt to some domesticated animal behaviors.  But, in my opinion, they aren't meant to be pets...they are WILD ANIMALS.  Ok, now that I've gotten that out of my system, lets get on with this...  Unfortunately, they are also an "at risk" species - not listed as endangered or threatened, but a species under enough stress to be on its way to those categories.

Some great pictures and videos from the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, IL HERE.

The fennec fox in its natural desert habitat:

Fennec fox kits at the Palm Beach Zoo:

Several fennec fox coloring pages HERE.

More information about the fennec fox from the Pueblo Zoo, and scroll to the bottom for a coloring page, HERE.

Beyond adorable photos and some information about some fennec foxes born at the Krakow Zoo in Poland, HERE.

I specifically avoided including videos and pages about keeping fennec foxes as pets because these are WILD ANIMALS, even if they can adapt in many ways to domestic life.  This video from the Adelaide Zoo in Australia, shows how fennec foxes are trainable, much like a dog, but again, this is still a wild animal, and he is being trained in a zoo, not a home:

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