Sunday, July 15, 2012

Leatherback sea turtles

Leatherback sea turtles are a huge, cold blooded reptile species.  They are an ancient creature that grows to huge sizes.  These beautiful animals are fascinating not only for their size and their history on this planet, but also for how they live.  They start out being born from little eggs on beaches, then crawl out to sea where they then grow and live, swimming across vast oceans.  Although they are great survivors, they face numerous natural and human dangers throughout their lives. 

For loads of infomation, as well as conservation efforts check out The Leatherback Trust and Sea Turtle Restoration Project.

View ten different (very short) video clips of leatherback sea turtles at ARKive.

National Geographic Kids - Information, pictures, maps, and more about leatherback sea turtle HERE.

NOAA has a great set of informative PDF files geared towards kids HERE.

HERE is an interactive quiz for children from National Geographic.

A few coloring pages: HERE, HERE, and THIS ONE has the option to either color online or print and color.

A great blog post from the World Wildlife Fund - More Leatherback Turtles and Faces of Papuan Kids.

A brief but informative video from Stanford University:

Leatherback sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica:


Inside Nature's Giants: Leatherback Turtles - THIS VIDEO IS GRAPHIC - WATCH IT BEFORE SHARING IT WITH YOUR CHILDREN.  This video discusses the death of a leatherback turtle, and shows several that have died from various reasons.  The video GRAPHICALLY shows the dissection of a leatherback turtle which died after its front flipper was sliced off by the motor of a speed boat.  Please note, this video also discusses evolution should that be a consideration for your family.  Also discusses and shows the sexual organs and habits of the leatherback turtle (with a few bad jokes, unfortunately)...  Watch or share with caution.

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