Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Red Fox

The red fox is adorable....to some people.  Unfortunately, the red fox can also be quite a bit of a pest.  It all depends on where you live, and your perspective. Read and watch on to find out why...

Sweet video of a family of red foxes living in Dublin, Ireland. This is the first of six videos of the same family of foxes.  Please note, the videos in the playlist don't correspond to the playlist itself - 1/6 is not the first video!

A brief documentary on the red fox...and I mean brief! Only about 2 1/4 minutes, including credits!

A very simple red fox coloring page HERE.

A red fox coloring page from the USGS kid's website (this link is to a PDF) HERE.

Check out this insanely detailed fact page for the red fox on the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology's Animal Diversity Web HERE.

Another fact page about the red fox.  Not quite as intense as the University of Michigan page though, and has a paw print example at the bottom of the page.  Click HERE.

I considered not including this documentary, but it does highlight how urban wild red foxes can be both a joy and a curse.  Please read the notes for each segment before watching.  "Meet the Foxes" is a 6 part documentary (each part is fairly short...about 8 or 9 minutes).  The videos do have some mild swear words (like the British "bugger off").  Just FYI...  This documentary is about red foxes (primarily one family of them in London, England.
Part I:

Part II HERE.  Please note!  Shows a red fox that has been hit by a car. It doesn't show the fox actually getting hit, but does show its body on the sidewalk afterwards, including some close ups and disposal of the fox's body.
Part III HERE.  Discusses mating habits, and does show foxes mating.  The video also discusses incest among foxes.  Just FYI again...  This part also discusses an ill fox, and having to put it down (kill it) due to how sick it is.
Part IV HERE.  Shows chickens that have been killed, and mutilated by foxes. Graphic.
Part V HERE.  Discusses the "dispatching" of red foxes that are considered pests, primarily by shooting them.
Part VI HERE.  Starts with a fox being shot as the means of "dispatching" her, and then the same being done to her mate.  The shooting IS shown.  At the end, the guy who wanted them shot finds out that doing so didn't change anything...

Although this isn't about the red fox, but rather about color, here is a page with some activities that can be used with the Eric Carle book Hello, Red Fox.  Click HERE.

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